The Training of PROVA project seeks to increase and consolidate the knowledge and the skills of professionals directly involved in this action and reintegration of minors and young adults charged with legal proceedings, in order to prevent and contrast the risk of violent radicalization. On the other hand, their aims are to intervene in the urban policies and, more concretely, in the organization of urban areas that are at risk, by means of a participatory process of transformation of these spaces.

Psiterra will have the role of coordinator and will support the partnership to implement the specific activities of the Training action.

The Training of PROVA project has two main activities:
– training about prevention of violent radicalization issue;
– participatory meetings to discuss the risks of forms of radicalization on the specific territory and forms of possible preventive interventions, starting with a new way to use urban spaces for fostering youth aggregation.

The activities might involve professionals of the juvenile justice system, health, social and education professionals, volunteers, ombudsmen of protecting minors and prisoners’ rights, and etc.