PROVA Project at Global Diplomacy Lab in Berlin, Germany

Global Diplomacy Lab
Exploring Global Perspectives & Engaging for Local Prevention
June 18th, 2018

aufbruch, German partner of PROVA Project, took part in the Global Diplomacy Lab on June 18th, 2018 in Berlin, Germany.
Holger Syrbe and Franzi Kuhn introduced the participants of the laboratory to the work and ideas of aufBruch and the projects “Skills4Freedom” and PROVA.

The laboratory was addressing Strategies for Overcoming Urban Violence: Exploring Global Perspectives and Engaging for Local Prevention.

The interdependent nature of political issues, such as radicalisation, migration and climate change, requires collective action beyond national borders. While the international community is becoming more fragmented, non-state actors are expanding their scope of influence in global affairs. Diplomacy is no longer limited to national governments and international organisations.
The Global Diplomacy Lab is a growing, members-driven platform of highly creative and influential diplomats, academics, activists, entrepreneurs, and artists.

Together, they explore questions such as: what does the future of diplomacy look like? How does information technology shift the balance of power? Do we need a more inclusive diplomacy which goes beyond traditional politics?

GDL members are working on these questions not only by playing an active role in the Labs, but also by initiating GDL activities, hosting a Lab, or by co-designing the GDL and its events.

What does the GDL offer its members and partners?
• Inclusive, pragmatic solutions for pressing challenges of our time
• An inspiring, growing network which provides access to relevant actors and institutions
• Cross-sectoral and cross-regional peer-to-peer knowledge and skill-sharing
• Creative formats and tools to formulate 21st-century thinking
• A mindset of mutual respect and openness

Info: https://global-diplomacy-lab.org/about/idea/