PROVA Project at the International Conference on the art of theatre in the social sphere in Modena, Italy

aufBruch, PROVA Project German partner,  was participating in the International Conference on the art of theatre in the social sphere, in the VI edition of Trasparenze Festival in Modena, Italy, on May 12-13, 2018.

The event was promoted by Teatro dei Venti, Teatro Ebasko, Coordinamento Teatro Carcere Emilia
Romagna, Emilia Romagna Theatre Foundation (E.R.T.), ATER.

Proposals and ideas for a social theatre practice in the future was the theme of the conference.

In the theatre that defines itself as "social", that derives from origins marked by marginality or difficulty, the actor-spectator relationship is renewed; the director re-invents editing practices enriched by the comparison, sometimes by the cure, of the disadvantage; dramaturgy speaks languages and stories impregnated with otherness. It is a theatre that has within itself the stigmata of necessity and ethics, scenic "products" that retain a strong matrix of inclusion and listening.

Is this a movement?
Has the time come to define it as a movement?
What kind of art will it be?

In various working groups were discussed different topics:
- Dramaturgy of social theatre
- Directing in the social theatre
- The actor in the social theatre
- Organization of social theatre

Holger Syrbe promoted the work of aufBruch and of the projects “Skills4Freedom” and "PROVA" in an international panel of experts with 35 participants.