Centre for Legal studies and specialized training

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Centre for Legal studies and specialized training, General Directorate of Community measures and Juvenile justice of Catalonia

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Address: Carrer d'Ausiàs Marc, 40. 08010, Barcelona

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Legal representative

Jaume Martín Barberan


To investigate, study and disseminate matters relating to the scope of the powers of the Department of Justice, provide technical support to the Department of Justice requiring it in these areas and promote them through grants, scholarships, prizes or other mechanisms, research and dissemination. They also coordinate relations and exchange knowledge with other professionals teaching and research, both nationally and internationally.

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Target groups: inmate minors
Main actions: This program is aimed at improving the living conditions and the possibilities of social integration of children and young adults punished for committing crimes. The Directorate General for Criminal Enforcement in the Community and Juvenile Justice and Prison Services have participated with other organisations in Southern Europe: Italy, Malta, Portugal and Catalonia. In the framework of this project, coordinated Catalonia conducting a comparative study of the respective juvenile justice systems. This study allows to know the similarities and differences identified between these four jurisdictions.
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