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Address: C/ Comerç, 42 – 08003 Barcelona
Phone: (+34) 655.82.71.20

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Pamela y Anna Somoi


FICAT is an area of support and legal advice and as a training space for new jurists and for citizens interested in the defence of a democratic and egalitarian society. This work is complemented by the search, together with other legal professionals, other social entities, universities and public administrations, of strategies of legal and institutional action to defence of the rights of the people and of the groups that are at risk or in situations of social exclusion.

  • Legal support at the Juvenile Penitentiary Centre

Target groups: Inmate young people in Juvenile Penitentiary Centre
Place/Facilities: Juvenile Penitentiary Centre
Main actions: Weekly professionalized presence that detects elements of a possible defencelessness. They develop a work of legal attention, prevention and training in the defence of the rights of persons deprived of liberty, especially those who have no family or social ties. It is a totally free service.

  • Children: from victims of violence to actors of non violence

Target groups: young people of the Minors’ external community “Tarragona”
Main actions: The project aims to develop, test and systematize a working methodology with young people coming from potentially criminal backgrounds or even mafia backgrounds, to make it possible for them to get rid of the vicious circle of violence they are growing in.
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