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Phone: +34 627 730 128 ; +34 687 309 903

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Esteban Crucci


The Finmatun Cultural Association is a group of creators from the field of visual arts, music and artistic production who, since 2006, work in a stable way developing actions of creation, social dynamization and artistic production with people deprived of their liberty and in socially unfavorable contexts.

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Target groups: Inmate young people in Juvenile Penitentiary Centre
Place/Facilities: Juvenile Penitentiary Centre
Main actions: In 2007, an audio-visual classroom was set up at the La Trinidad Juvenile Penitentiary Centre. Workshops were held for photography, radio, short films, video clips, music and documentary productions. It was offered to young inmates between 18 and 25 years of age, a space of collective creation. As a result of this work, documentary 400 appears.