GRECS – Research group in social control and social exclusion

Name of the organization

University of Barcelona - GRECS (Research group in social control and social exclusion)

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University of Barcelona - Facultat de Geografia i Història
Departament d'Antropologia Social i d'Història d'Amèrica i Àfrica
Address: C. Montalegre, 6 - 08001 Barcelona
Phone: 934037756
Fax: 934037774

Contact person
Legal representative

Manuel Delgado Ruiz


Although it is not the subject of its exclusive research, the projects currently under way or planned by the Group are addressed to the growing criminalization of people socially, politically and legally labeled as immigrants. While migrants are fundamental players in a globalized world, their institutional treatment of migrations continues to be within the framework of current state spaces. The administrative actions usually are elaborated denying to the immigrant his character of political and social subject.