Observatory of the criminal system and human rights

Name of the organization

University of Barcelona - Research group  “Observatory of the criminal system and human rights”

Operational context

Local and National

Main contacts

Universidad de Barcelona - Despacho 1, Aula 23
Address: Av. Diagonal, 684 - 08034 Barcelona
Phone: +34 934 039 672
Email: observsp@ub.edu

Contact person
Legal representative

Iñaki Rivera Beiras


The objectives of the Observatory are:
(1) Observing, analysing and reporting on the functioning of the institutions of the penal system (prisons, detention centres, detention centres, judges, security forces);
(2) Contribute to the defense of human rights, increasingly threatened by security, surveillance and control policies;
(3) Ensure compliance with strict legality in the criminal justice system and work to promote transparency;
(4) Provide tools for people and social organizations to enjoy more power and have the necessary tools in their fight for rights, freedom, democracy and justice.