SOS Racisme

Name of the organization

SOS Racisme

Operational context

Local and National

Main contacts

Address: Rambla de Santa Mònica 10, 1r - 08002 Barcelona
Phone: 93 301 05 97


Contact person
Legal representative



SOS Racisme bases its action on the complaint of racism in all its forms and manifestations, understood as discrimination and segregation on grounds of skin color, origin, religious or cultural.
Organize campaigns to denounce public attitudes and promote respect for human rights.
Constantly reinforce and advance racist discourse by organizing workshops and exchange and the preparation of documents for reflection.

  • Observatory for the Prevention of Violent Extremism

Target groups: Citizens of Catalonia
Place/Facilities: Catalonia
Main actions: Network to prevent the main threats of violent extremism locally. Understood as a response of civil society to deal with current threats.
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  • Service for Victims of Racism

Target groups: Victims of racism
Place/Facilities: Catalonia
Main actions: Dealing daily with cases of racial discrimination. Emergency number phone.