CROSSROADS – Counseling – Prevention – Deradicalisation


CROSSROADS – Counseling – Prevention – Deradicalisation

Main organization


Sponsor/Funds programme

Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (Federal Program "Democracy Live! ") & the senate administration for Work, integration and women (national program "Democracy. Diversity. Respect. In Berlin").


Young people and young adults who are at risk of undergoing a radicalization process, Adolescents and young adults, who are clearly subject to a radicalization process in the extreme right-wing scene and do not yet formulate an exit motivation, Young people and young adults who want to get out of the right-wing scene, families, teachers, youth workers, sports clubs and other persons who are in contact with juvenile extremists or young people who are at risk of becoming radicalized.


CROSSROADS is a consultancy and intervention project of the Violence Prevention Network for radicalization prevention and deradicalization of young people in Berlin. The aim is to address young people who are at risk of becoming radicalized or already undergoing a radicalization process, and to initiate exit processes.

Operational context

Schools, youth clubs, sport clubs or premises of CROSSROADS.

Main activities

a) Counseling
b) Workshops for youths
c) Anti-violence and competence training
d) Workshops for teachers and pedagogues
e) Exit monitoring


a) individual
b) one till three days
c) Individual trainings consist of 8-10 sessions, group trainings from 12 sessions with up to 6 youngsters and individual follow-up.
d) one till three days
e) individual