KOMPASS Advice Centre


KOMPASS Advice Centre

Main organization


The KOMPASS advisory center is part of the network of deradicalization of the Senate Administration for the Interior and Sports of the State of Berlin

Sponsor/Funds programme

The KOMPASS advisory center is financed by the " Landeskommission Berlin gegen Gewalt " in the context of the Berlin federal program "Radikalisierungsprävention".


people affiliated to Islamic-motivated extremism


The "Kompass Advice Centre" aims to dissuade people affiliated to Islamic-motivated extremism from their propensity for violence and to prevent departures to destinations in civil war-torn regions in Syria and Iraq. Similarly, work with so-called returnees is a component of the programme.

Operational context

BERATUNGSSTELLE Kompass, Bergmannstraße 5, Haus 2, 3. Stock, 10961 Berlin and in several prisons

Main activities

- Counseling, monitoring and specific training for young people who are at risk of radicalization in the run-up to punishment.
- Intervening measures in cases of emerging radicalization.
- Counseling and monitoring in the prison system.
- Exit Support: Consultation and dialogue activities with radicalized, exit volunteers and returnees (eg from Syria)
- Counseling for members of the family in the fight against religiously based extremism in order to reach the target group.