Präfix R – Coaching for parents in detention


Präfix R - Coaching for parents in detention

Main organization


Institut für genderreflektierte Gewaltprävention (

Sponsor/Funds programme

Präfix R is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in the context of the Federal Program "Living Democracy" and co-financed by F.C. Flick Stiftung – gegen Feindlichkeit, Rassismus und Intoleranz.


Parents who:
a) have ideologically entrenched right-wing extremist views and convictions, are themselves members of radicalised groups or are considering joining such groups and are deemed to be passing on their convictions to their children consciously or purposefully or even without reflection;
b) align themselves with humanistic fundamental values and also profess that these guide their parenting principles, yet note that their children are turning to radicalised.


The main objective of the model project Prefix R is to work through the work with imprisoned parents, radicalization preventive on the children. This is done by giving the mothers and fathers into the coaching room, reflecting their attitudes and values underlying their style of education and which shape the parent-child relationship. By being accompanied pedagogically and therapeutically by treating traumatizations such as neglect or violence, which are experienced, these painful experiences can be prevented from having a transgenerational negative effect on their children. An important issue is also how parents, even during the period of their imprisonment, can be reliable relatives for their children regardless of whether or not they can care for their care.

Operational context

several prisons in Berlin

Main activities

Coaching Sessions, in groups or separate