Advice Centre on Radicalisation

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Advice Centre on Radicalisation

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For Parents, relatives, friends and teachers of young people who are becoming radicalized.

The team at the Advice Centre on Radicalisation is your first port of call if you have the impression that your child, friend or school pupil is turning towards a radical Islamist group. Please call us, no matter what questions you may have.

The goal is to work together to strengthen your relationship of trust with the individual concerned so that you can slowly pull them back from radicalisation or can prevent them becoming radicalised. Even if this process takes some time, your counsellor will be with you every step of the way.


The staff at the “Advice Centre on Radicalisation” can:

•  give you answers to frequently-asked questions, and can provide   you with an initial overview of the problems faced.

•  find you assistance services close to you.

•  point you to a suitable agency for individual, personal advice and   assistance.

•  establish direct contact with specialists in all fields.

•  establish contact with other people affected in a similar situation   and/or self-help initiatives.

To make contact with local cooperation partners:

•  Civil society organisations

•  The coordination agencies of the federal state