Dropout Programme for Left-wing Extremists

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Dropout Programme for Left-wing Extremists

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The dropout programme for left-wing extremists run by the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV) is a contribution to the Federal Government's action catalogue against all forms of extremism and violence and in favour of more tolerance and democracy.

The dropout programme offers those seeking help individual assistance in various forms, based on the principle of "Helping People Help Themselves". This requires the potential dropout's willingness to actually quit the left-wing extremist scene aided by the programme. Possible support always depends on the individual case. The BfV's measures pursued in co-operation with state and non-state agencies.

  • Hotline
  • Help finding a job or accommodation
  • Arrangement of opportunities for further education or job training
  • Advice and help in getting into contact with judicial authorities, other offices as well as with employers
  • Help, when external offers of assistance are needed, for example in case of alcohol and drug problems or debts