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EXIT-Germany is an initiative to help anyone who wants to break with right-wing-extremism and to start a new life.

EXIT-Germany was founded by criminologist and former police detective Bernd Wagner and former neo-Nazi leader Ingo Hasselbach. EXIT-Germany has been working since summer 2000 to provide assistance to dropouts from extreme and violent right-wing environments.

EXIT-Germany helps individuals who want to leave the right-wing radical milieu to develop new perspectives outside the right-wing environment. EXIT arranges contacts, provide practical aid and answers questions regarding personal safety, social problems and individual reappraisal.

EXIT also clarifies what may not be feasible. Accordingly, EXIT aims to counter right-wing extremism and hate crime by assisting in breaking with this scene. Here EXIT would like to emphasize that freedom and dignity of every human being as well as the establishment of the principles of equality and mutual respect are the cornerstone of our work. EXIT challenges and counters every extremist ideology that rejects these values but actively engage the individual human being.

  • Counseling and Coaching of persons who wants to break with right-wing-extremism
  • Counseling and Coaching for initiatives, projects, institutions
  • Counseling and Coaching of families and relatives
  • Scientific work, cooperation with the Institute for the Study of Radical Movements (ISRM).