JugendKrisenDienst (Youth Crisis Service)

Name of the organization

JugendKrisenDienst (Youth Crisis Service)

Operational context


Main contacts

Address: Abteilung Jugendhilfeverbund, Mühlenstraße 21, 13187 Berlin

Contact person
Legal representative

Ulrike Klotz, department management


Training courses, anti-violence seminars and other ambulatory care allowances, in which delinquent adolescents and adolescents between the ages of 14 and 21 years are admitted to court or in the context of aid to education, are all about social competences and a life perspective without being punished.

  • Hotline for delinquent teenagers
  • Consultation of parents, family members and partners of the affected persons
  • Personal accompaniment and care
  • Assistance in teaching school or professional qualification measures
  • Help with official contacts
  • Talks with employers and guarantors
  • Mediation of external assistance, for example, in the case of alcohol, drug problems or excessive indebtedness
  • training Courses
  • Anti-violence training