Pilot projects on ways to prevent radicalisation Federal programme “Live democracy!”

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Pilot projects on ways to prevent radicalisation - Federal programme “Live democracy!”

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A series of pilot projects supported within the federal programme "Live Democracy!" is looking at ways to prevent radicalisation processes in the areas of right-wing extremism, ultranationalism, latently violent Islamism, salafist phenomena and instrumentalisations of Islam, and violently based, anti-democratic forms of left-wing militancy.

The projects are based in social settings that are conflict hotspots and develop conflict management strategies with the aim of identifying constructive, democratic ways of addressing problems and conflicts. In line with social prevalence patterns, the pilot projects seek to trial heterogeneous accesses, different social settings-based approaches as well as a variety of de-escalation and distancing strategies in respect of the above phenomena and the various manifestations, interactions and root causes of radicalisation processes in young people.

The projects include, for instance, the testing of measures to prevent radicalisation online and through social media and the discussion of online services with radical political contents, the piloting of peer-based distancing strategies, the further development of programmes for working with the parents of vulnerable young people or coaching politically or religiously motivated violent juvenile offenders.

  •  WERTE-WERKSTATT (Values Workshop)

Target group: Young people in the age of 12 until 17 years.
Location: Secondary schools and Youth Centers in Berlin Wedding
Duration: March 2015 until the end of  2019
Main ActivitiesPlayful oriented project days on "religion" and "values" for grades 7 and 8; Dialogue workshops with pupils of the 9th year and adults from the social space context; Peer groups from the 10th year, which should be available as contact persons and role models for the younger pupils; Networking of the schools with institutions and institutions in the area as well as information and training events for interested teachers on the topics of the workshops, as well as on Islam and Islamism.
Additional information: Official website


  •  BAHIRA Beratungsstelle

Target group: Muslim communities
Location: Berlin
Duration: -
Main ActivitiesThe main focus of the BAHIRA advisory center is the prevention of Islamic extremism within Muslim communities. With the Berlin Şehitlik Moschee as a project location the council contributes to the sensitization and qualification of members of Muslim communities on the topic of radicalization prevention. BAHIRA  is  a  joint  project  between  Violence  Prevention  Network, the Central Council of Muslims in Germany (ZMD) and the association  DITIB-Şehitlik  Türkisch-Islamischen  Gemeinde  zu  Neukölln e.V.
Additional information: Official website


  • Diagnostics - Therapeutic Network Extremism (DNE)

Target group: Families and persons with disabilities, specialists and organizations from the state and civil society, psychosocial, psychotherapeutic and psychiatric occupational groups, which accompany families or clients in processes of deradicalization and withdrawal from extremism and violence within the framework of the regulation services.
Location: Berlin
Duration: -
Main ActivitiesThe Radicalization Advisory Center is your first point of contact, if you have the impression that your child, your friend, your pupil turns to a radical islamist group. No matter what questions you have, call us. The common goal is to strengthen your relationship of trust with the person concerned so that you can recover it slowly from radicalization or prevent radicalization. 
Activities include:
- Psychological counseling
- Anamnestic and diagnostic clarification of problems
- Family Conversations
- Providing further support networks
- Workshops for professionals
Additional information: Official website