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Ufuq.de is a recognized bearer of free youth welfare and is active in political education and prevention on the subjects of Islam, anti-Islam and Islamism. With its offers, we have established ourselves as a contact point for educators, teachers and employees of authorities throughout Germany.

Ufuq strives for alternatives to the excited debates about "parallel societies", religious radicalization and a supposed Islamization of Germany. Ufuq works at the interface between political education, pedagogy, science and political debate and informs, advises and supports the challenges that arise in pedagogical work in the migration society. Ufuq wants to promote pedagogical practice, enrich the exchange of expertise and contribute to the democratic coexistence.

Association ufuq, Berlin is supported by the Land Commission Berlin against Violence, Senate Administration for Home Affairs and Sports; Federal Program "Learning Democracy", Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth; Federal Agency for Civic Education.

  • Showing Alternatives!

Target Group: Youth from the 5th class
Location: Schools in Germany
Main Action: 
Production of videos on the subjects of Islam, anti-Islam, democracy and Islamism and exercises for pedagogical practice. The videos cover up-to-date questions and topics that young people deal with in everyday life and to which they find, above all, the content of salafistic actors. The search for meaning and orientation of young people is taken seriously. The goal is to promote a reflective approach to religiously based identity concepts. The videos are complemented by learning materials for school and youth work. These materials take up the topics and questions of the videos and make it possible to work with the young people in depth.
Additional informaton: Official website


  • Workshops „How do we want to live?“


Target Group: Adolescent
Location: Schools and youth institutions in Germany
Main Action: The workshops, led by young teachers, provide space for discussions on questions of religion, identity and affiliation, and promote the participation of young people, especially young Muslims in society. They sensitize to democratic and anti-war attitudes and offer alternatives to salafist offers.
Aim: The aim of the workshops is to promote a reflected self-understanding and a constructive approach to religious and non-religious norms and values, and to point out alternative orientations and options for action to Islamic, Islamic and self-centered world images.
Additional information: Official website