Altro Diritto

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Altro Diritto

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Address: Via delle Pandette, 35 - 50127 Firenze

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Emilio Santoro


L'altro diritto is a Documentation center  founded in 1996 at the Department of Theory and History of Law at the University of Florence, conducts theoretical reflection and sociological research on the issues of social exclusion, deviance,  Penalties institutions and jails.
Since 1998, L'altro diritto association deals specifically with the problems of minors in IPM. Most of these are from non-EU countries, mainly belonging to the Maghreb region (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) and the Balkans (Albanians, Slavs in general). Among the detainees with Italian citizenship there are many Sinti and Roma.

Beyond issues directly linked to the legal status of minors, volunteers also seek to create opportunities in which they, despite the imprisonment, may express themselves freely. Each year, for example, they organizes lunches or dinners in the Institute, which represent important moments of aggregation. In addition, volunteers have, on several occasions, assisted in the field of school  and  organizing sports activities.

  • Multicultural toy library

Target groups: minors within Juvenile Prison in Florence
Place/Facilities: IPM Meucci
Main actions: workshop with minors
Additional information: The activities tried to face and support the young detainees with particular attention to the foreign minors who represent the majority of the population.
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