APAB – Associazione per l’Agricoltura Biodinamica di Firenze

Name of the organization

APAB - Associazione per l'Agricoltura Biodinamica di Firenze

Operational context


Main contacts

Phone: +39 055 488017/ +39 055 3987098
Email: info@apab.it


Contact person
Legal representative

Cosima Galasso


APAB Association, beyond the historical vocational training and the higher education activities, provides services to groups, schools or private institutions, in the rich historical city of Florence. These are services in support of the school system, art, architecture, science, creativity and human research, in this area so  historical. Insights will be offered time after time, due to the training of professionals and scholars involved in different ways in the history and in the training of APAB.

  • Training and Orientation

Target groups: Adolescents and young adults from 14 to 21 years old, who live in prison or in the community.
Place/Facilities: General and specialized orientation in collaboration with other partners, in order to comprehend the orientation and the skills of the individuals (e.g. working under pressure, team work).  
Main actions: Cognitive interview, orientation, and a presentation of the catalogue that helps the guy, with the trainer, to choose the path the most suited to him. The main goal is to help the guys with the training and through practical activities that put the person at the attention.
Additional information: Actually there are not present activities (there are not profects because of the missing of European funds).


  • Chance

Target groups: Youngs at probation works  or not in prison
Main actions: Training activities in the mechanical, electrical, nautical and cooking
Additional information: project currently underway funded by the Ministero dell’Interno.
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