ARPAd. Associazione Romana per la Psicoterapia dell’Adolescenza

Name of the organization

ARPAd. Associazione Romana per la Psicoterapia dell’Adolescenza

Operational context


Main contacts

Address: Via Ombrone, 14, Roma
Phone: +39 06 8417055

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Legal representative

Paola Carbone


ARPAd is an organization founded in 1994 around the Roman Group of Adolescent Studies, which, since 1984, on the initiative of Prof. Arnaldo Novelletto, brought together psychologists and psychiatrists interested in research and clinical work with adolescents. ARPAd promotes and organizes seminars, studies and scientific conferences related to clinical and institutional work with teenagers in collaboration with Departments and Public Services,  Universities,  Social and Cultural Institutions at both local and international level.

  • Seminar “Radicalismi in Adolescenza” (Radicalisms in adolescence)

Target groups: Juvenile justice professionals
Place/Facilities: Direzione Generale della Formazione (via Via Giuseppe Barellai n. 140, Roma)
Main actions: The Seminar promoted by Direzione Generale della Formazione del DAP (Training General Directorate of the Department of Penitentiary Administration), in collaboration with ARPAd, aims to broaden understanding of the relationship between youth and radicalism with particular reference to the phenomenon of Jihadist radicalization.
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