Associazione Aleteia

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Associazione Aleteia

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Phone: +39 329 0942434

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Simone Stefani (Legal representative)


The Aleteia Association was founded in 2010 and promotes the analysis and resolution of conflictual activities. This Association is composed by a group of mediators with a proven professional experience in the field of the reparative justice. The general goal of the association is to promote the analysis of conflictual dynamics, to contribute to the diffusion of an alternative culture of the management and resolution of the disputes. The principal activities are the mediation, reparation activities and the training.  The project ¨MeF¨ employs the experimentation of an integrated methodology of Mediation, reparation activities and training for subjects, minor or adults, in probation or in execution, sharing a responsibility perspective.

From October, 2013, the Ministero della Giustizia-Centro Giustizia Minorile per la Toscana e l'Umbria, has given to Aleteia the management of the Centro Interdisciplinare di Giustizia Riparativa Minorile per la Toscana.

  • Activities

Target groups: Young adults  from 14 to 18 years old, mainly from 16 to 17 years old (acting bullying or stalking)
Place/Facilities: -
Main actions: Mediation meetings with offenders and interviews with the victim (using the direction 29/2012), followed by separate meetings that prepare the parts for the next meeting, that will be supervisioned by mediators with the role of facilitators of the dialogue. The pourpose is to set for the first time a dialogue between the offender and the victim.
Additional information: The methodology is to use project as a way of financing but our work is to be efficient as disciplinar center of reparation justice. We employ, next to the mediation processes, a sociological support and reparation activities. One of the last projects activated has been conducted with the ¨CR Firenze¨ funds, and it is the MEF project. This is conducted with the APAB Association and provides a mediation process followed by reparation activities.