Associazione Volontariato Penitenziario di Firenze

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Associazione Volontariato Penitenziario di Firenze

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Phone: +39 055 470412


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Carla Cappelli (Legal representative)


The main purpose of the association is to support people in detention, probation and ex-prisoners, by promoting support measures for their families. Association activities alternate interventions and assistance projects to life inside the prisons; educational support, promotion of family relationships (meetings, reunions, relations with minor children); support and assistance to prisoners of foreign origin; social and occupational reintegration of people in alternative measures and ex-prisoners; daily and residential care.

As regards the projects with minors in criminal cases, instead, the AVP began operating inside the IPM of Florence in 2004 with a project called "Pinocchio", it was a handbook outlining, using a suitable language (comics), the judicial process, the penitentiary regulation, alternative measures to detention and proposals for social integration in Italian territory. The minors has been spread throughout the national territory (IPM and CPA) and is still required by the centers in Italy, as it has been translated into seven languages.

As an association, it led not only laboratories in the juvenile prison, but has also been involved in the external accompaniments of young during the period of MAP, in collaboration with their social workers and in accordance with CGM.

They do not currently have active projects, they are waiting for funds to resume the external accompaniments and resume the project “Portfolio” with the attached database.

  • Evasive stories (2005-2007)

Target groups: disadvantaged children and young second generation immigrants.
Place/Facilities:Internal of IPM and on signaling of USSM..
Main actions: The project was characterized by an intercultural educational program "ad hoc" for foreign students through an autobiographical laboratory.
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  • What game we play (2006- 2008)

Target groups: minors present in IPM.
Place/Facilities: IPM
Main actions:
Various activities have been realized sports (soccer, volleyball) and various workshops (autobiographical, movies, hip hop, intercultural communication, work orientation and drafting of the magazine)
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  • The game of the self (2009-2011).

Target groups:minors present in IPM
Place/Facilities: IPM.
Main actions: Autobiographical laboratory: given the problems that emerged in the juvenile prison a laboratory was conducted in order to facilitate a reassessment process of the experience of the children and to contain the anxiety, in addition to the coping of aggression.
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  • Portfolio

Target groups: IPM
Place/Facilities: inside  the IPM.
Main actions: Collect  the significant and essential documentation of the training and schooling of the minors, record  the observations of teachers, educators, volunteers who worked in the Institute and described the following courses, educational progress and results achieved.
Additional information: In addition to the portfolio, it’s been proceeded to the creation of a database containing sports associations, cultural associations, companies, to include the boys for a possible training / career path This database was send to the USSM.
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  • Training Course Lucignolo

Target groups: volunteers
Place/Facilities: - 
Main actions: dedicated to the problem of juvenile delinquency, youth bullying, cyberbullying, etc
Additional information: the course was held on 2006  with professionals of both IPM and the Court for minors of Florence (lay judges and magistrates).


  • Training Course

Target groups: volunteers
Place/Facilities: - 
Main actions: dedicated to restorative justice and mediation
Additional information: the course was held on 2010  with professionals of both IPM and the Court for minors of Florence (lay judges and magistrates).