ATHENA – Agenzia formativa

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ATHENA - Agenzia formativa

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Email: Pino Piras -

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Angelo Piccioli


A T H E N A works mainly in the field of training, consultancy and Human Development.

The Education Sector is addressed in all forms (Vocational Training, Continuing Education, Adult Education, Orientation).

Youngs in compulsory education; - apprentices; unemployed for long or short; working-converting workers; Workers in professional growth; Small medium and Large organizations.

The fields of most interest for Athena, for corporate training are: 1. The organization 2. communication and marketing; 3. Safety in the workplace; 4. processes and route of technological innovation; 5. social services of public and private sector; 6. social and educational services, to the public and private sector; 7. health and social services; 8. personal services in general; 9. social cooperation; 10. Information Technology and new technologies; 11. languages; 12. tourist service; 13. The logistics and transport; 14. corporate management and management control; 15. services for business quality.

Athena operates in the field of financed training (European Social Fund, ex L. 52/2000 Funds, ex L. 236 / '93 Funds, interprofessional funds) both participating in public tenders and managing voucher courses.

Athena operates within the private training, offering courses in the catalog, or training plans agreed and tailored for the companies.

Athena also conducts social research, in collaboration with universities and research centers.

Athena works on design of services and activities in multiple business areas simultaneously conducting fund raising activities on behalf of public bodies and / or private enterprises concerned.

Athena provides consulting services: a) for the planning, organization and management of innovative services; b) for the preparation of notices of public procurement specifications; c) For the preparation of documents and useful projects to participate in tenders. d) participate in regional, national and European calls for  financing investment lines or access to credit.

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Target groups: Youngs at probation works or not in prison
Place/Facilities: Minors in external penal area (Arezzo, Firenze e Livorno)
Main actions: Orientation and Training activities
Additional information: National project, the agency Athena won the education training at regional level for Tuscany.
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