C.A.T. Cooperativa Sociale

Name of the organization

C.A.T. Cooperativa Sociale

Operational context


Main contacts

Phone: Bertusi +39 335 7238740
Email: sviluppi@coopcat.it


Contact person
Legal representative

Sandro Meli


C.A.T. is a social cooperative that operates in the areas of intervention regarding immigration, prevention, addictions, child exploitation and social inclusion covering the social exclusion area that is at the same time, for the company, both a cost and an opportunity. To offer new opportunities to those who have never had or have missed (prisoners, vulnerable groups, people excluded from the labor market) means offer these to the entire population. A person is reintegrated when not economically weighs on social services, leaves the illegality circuits, not create social alarm, produces resources instead of consuming. C.A.T. is working in prison since 2007, with projects aimed at improving the quality of life (health education projects), activation of educational and artistic activities, social reintegration. But also to give voice to those who are behind the wall.

  • Giona-Pollicino”

Target groups: minors inside IPM Meucci
Place/Facilities: IPM Meucci in Florence
Main actions
: Hip-hop music lab inside the juvenile prison in Florence
Additional information
: Funded over the years by UFM Ser.T. B of ASL 10 in Florence, Center for Minority Justice in Florence, foundation Monte dei Paschi di Siena, foundation Autostrade, Tuscany region. The project produced two hip-hop music CDs written and played by the boys in the institute, “Room XXVI” in 2009,  “Ke ne sai” in 2011 e “Senza Ali” in 2013.
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  • Tournant

Target groups: minors and youngs in charge of the USSM
Place/Facilities: Florence
Main actions: Probation work, school support, training and job placement in the territory of the Florence’s province.
Additional information: Financed by the Valdese Board with funds of 2016’s  8x1000.