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Phone: +39 055 26770265

Contact person
Legal representative

  • Giuseppe Betori, Cardinal
  • Andrea Gori, Associazione Caritas Onlus 


Caritas is a national organization, with independent branches in each city. Each linked to the diocese, but focused on the particularities of its territory: the Florentine works especially in the criminal area with adults.

In general, it aims to spread the witness of charity in the Florentine community. Especially working with minors in criminal area on the integral development of the person. Are performed action aimed to social inclusion through training (eg: mandatory training completion), work orientation and the orientation to the self-knowledge. It seeks to increase not only the work  autonomy but also personal autonomy.

  • Permanent services - Home for adult prisoners in alternative measures

Target groups: minors with criminal proceedings.
Place/Facilities: Florence/Tuscany
Main actions: Minors with ongoing criminal proceedings are received into the home for adults prisoners in alternative measure to carry out similar activities at the daycare center, as manual work (jewelry and leather). In addition, minors are helped in their path of mandatory training and then in a possible orientation to work.
Additional information: It is necessary to distinguish Caritas organizations forms. The diocesan Caritas in fact had a Cardinal president, but the organization that traces the projects is the Association of Solidarity Caritas Onlus which has another legal representative.