Comunità Carlo del Prete

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Comunità Carlo del Prete

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Address: Via C. del Prete N° 718, 55100 Lucca, Toscana
Phone: +39 0583 491060 / +39 348 0706 055

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Is a residential community for minors, houses male minors for whom the stay in the family of origin is temporarily impossible, accepted on the basis of a measure and / or intervention by the judicial authority or the Social Services of the competent municipality. The main goal of the community is to take care of younger guests by offering them sustained, qualified and personalized socio-educational interventions in a serene and familiar environment. The intervention consists in the reception and social inclusion of children themselves through the drafting of individual educational projects which, in addition to the Regularization of the legal position, include integrated training courses, job placement, literacy and self-sufficiency and autonomy Individual for personal growth and integration into civil society.

Racial or ethnic discrimination is not permitted. The guys are encouraged in participating in their usual religious practices.