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CPIA 1 Firenze

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Phone: +39 055 751708
email: dirigente@cpiafirenze.it


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Training  and educate people older than 16 years. Provide  literacy classes and learn the Italian language to foreign citizens; courses aimed to the achievement of the final degree of the first cycle of education ("middle school") and courses aimed at the achievement of the competencies expected at the end of formal education. Provide courses facilitated for obtaining educational degrees.

  • Bolinarte. The Educating Community and the art of train in educational contexts children under risk.

Target groups: Minors between  15-17 ages at risk of social exclusion, educational poverty and deviance.
Place/Facilities: -
Main actions: Project "Bolinarte" is about to favor in terms of involvement and strengthening the active role of the actors of the process of growth and education of the young; encourage greater independence and awareness on the part of families; encourage involvement in local services. Creation of a regional educational center on the area of Florence; provision of a training supply in other parts of the region; training of the operators involved (teachers, volunteers); activities addressed to children and families (empowerment; reduction of the drop-out phenomenon, setting up listening and guidance agencies; specific training courses).
Additional information: At the project precipitates a broad partnership not only composed by the project leader and the CPIA 1 FLORENCE, but also by  Juvenile Penal Institution of Florence, other CPIA of Tuscany and numerous voluntary associations.Project presented, pending outcome.