Dipartimento Giustizia Minorile e di Comunità (Department for juvenile Justice and Community sentences)

Name of the organization

Dipartimento Giustizia Minorile e di Comunità (Department for juvenile Justice and Community sentences)

Operational context


Main contacts

Address: Via Damiano Chiesa, 24 – 00136 Roma
Phone: tel. +39 06.681881 / fax +39 06.68807087 - 06.68188277
e-mail: giustizia.minorile@giustizia.it



Contact person
Legal representative

Gemma Tuccillo (Head of the Department)

Phone: +39 06.68188336 / fax +39 06.68188338
e-mail: capodipartimento.dgmc@giustizia.it


The Department (which was established with d.P.C.M. n. 84 of 15 June 2015 embracing the functions of the previous Department for Juvenile Justice and Of the General Directorate for the External Execution of the Prison Administration Department) deals, on directives of the Minister of Justice, on legal issues in the area of minors, both with regard to juvenile offenders and victims of crime. The Department cares for the protection of minors, the prevention and the facing of juvenile deviance, the international judicial and penitentiary activity, the prevention and the fight against crime, with particular reference to organized crime, terrorism, illegal immigration, trafficking in human beings, the international abduction of minors, pedophilia and pornography.

The Department for Juvenile Justice (DGM) is territorially articulated in 12 Centers of Juvenile Justice (CGM)

Each center operates on the territory through the Juvenile Justice Services, which are:

  • 25 First Reception Centers (CPA);
  • 18 Juvenile prisons (IPM);
  • 29 Social services for minors (USSM);
  • 12 Communities

The training of juvenile justice personnel is carried out by the Central Institute for Personnel Education headquartered in Rome

  • Seminar “Radicalismi in Adolescenza” (Radicalisms in adolescence)

Target groups: Juvenile justice professionals
Place/Facilities: Direzione Generale della Formazione (via Via Giuseppe Barellai n. 140, Roma)
Main actions: The Seminar promoted by Direzione Generale della Formazione del DAP (Training General Directorate of the Department of Penitentiary Administration), in collaboration with ARPAd, aims to broaden understanding of the relationship between youth and radicalism with particular reference to the phenomenon of Jihadist radicalization
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