Fondazione Sistema Toscana

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Fondazione Sistema Toscana

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Email: Sveva Fedeli -

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Claudio Giua


Educating to knowledge of cinema and educate to quality cinema even in risky situations believing it is an important educational activities within the detention discomfort. At the request of Correctional facilities we offer specific literacy projects to audiovisual languages. We think the film supports the school and training programs, and integrating with recovery action. Moreover, the path of the laboratories allows the entrance in area of the prison, so the film becomes the main tool to open a dialogue between interior and exterior.

  • Magic Lanterns  “ Lanterne Magiche”

Target groups: minors, teachers and the segment of the juvenile detainees at the IPM of Florence.
Place/Facilities: IPM, schools
Main actions: vision and discussion of movies and  production of audiovisual material from the boys on issues important to them.
Additional information: In this sector Fondazione Sistema Toscana will also place all the experiences of audiovisual productions for the training of adults and young adults.
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