Istituto Penale Minorile “Gian Paolo Meucci” di Firenze

Name of the organization

Istituto Penale Minorile "Gian Paolo Meucci" di Firenze

Operational context


Main contacts

Address: Via Orti Oricellari, 18 - 50100 Firenze
Phone: +39 055 267271




Contact person
Legal representative

Fiorenzo Cerruto  (Director)
Paolo Pecchioli (Educational area responsible)


It has the task of enforcing the deprivation of liberty for Juvenile between 14 and 25 years imposed by a judicial authority of the Juvenile Court (pre-trial detention, detention, day-release) and to carry out a personalized  and resettlement program as set out in the " Penitentiary law  (Law 26 July No 354/1975).

  • “In and out” project ( Progetto Dentro Fuori)

Target groups: Teens and young adults not accompanied, especially in the outside communities, collaborating with the external penalty area.
Place/Facilities: IPM Meucci in Florence
Main actions: Sensibilization and training meetings for the adults of reference; sensibilization meetings for athletes; sport activities for subjects at risk.
Additional information: This intervention was carried out by Centro di Solidarietà.


  • “Floris” project

Target groups: Juveniles subjected to any restriction of freedom at the Institute Penitentiary "Meucci" of Florence and boys followed by Social Services for Minors of the "Juvenile Justice Centre" subject to alternative penal measures to imprisonment.
Place/Facilities: IPM Meucci
Main actions: Using sports as an educational tool. Development of sports activities both on an individual level (boxing, free body) and team sports (football, volleyball).
Additional information: This intervention was carried out by Centro di Solidarietà in collaboration with "UISP"


  • Magic Lanterns  “ Lanterne Magiche”

Target groups: minors, teachers and the segment of the juvenile detainees at the IPM of Florence.
Place/Facilities: IPM, schools
Main actions: vision and discussion of movies and  production of audiovisual material from the boys on issues important to them.
Additional information: This intervention was carried out by Fondazione Sistema Toscana
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