Scuola Don Facibeni

Name of the organization

Scuola Don Facibeni

Operational context


Main contacts

Phone: +39 055 4368233


Contact person
Legal representative

Antonella Randazzo


We want play an important role in educational work towards students putting in all our experience to qualify, at the end of our training e course, young people and empower them to be able not only to find a specialized job, but even to live fully in society as men aware of their rights and duties.

Our activity, in addition to the important and highly specialized training, consists of educational interventions spanning different topics, such as:
- frequent educational initiatives for young people in difficulty in close collaboration with families
- legality education (the school offers training courses also at Sollicciano and at the juvenile prisons in Florence and Prato)
- combating the consumption of addictive substances (in collaboration with SERT)

The vocational training courses that the school implements are mainly aimed at children and young people and concern the areas of thermohydraulic, electrical, electronics, general mechanics, auto mechanics and  welding.

  • IPER e SOG

Target groups: detained youths over 16 years of age under 20 years
Place/Facilities: prison
Main actions: Modules of 110 hours of vocational training in areas such as construction, electrical, hydraulic and carpentry
Additional information: Project completed, financed by the ESF


  • Chance

Target groups: Youngs at probation works or not in prison
Place/Facilities: Minors in external penal area (Arezzo, Firenze e Livorno)
Main actions: Orientation and Training activities
Additional information: National project, the agency Athena won the education training at regional level for Tuscany.
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