USSM Firenze

Name of the organization

USSM Firenze

Operational context


Main contacts

Address: Via Bolognese, 86 - 50139 Firenze (FI)
Phone: +39 055 471826



Contact person
Legal representative

Anna Amendolea


Provides assistance to minors authors of offenses in every state and degree of criminal proceedings; prepares, at the request of the Public Prosecutor, the collection of social and personal information for the assessment of the personality of such minors by providing concrete projects and supporting the decisions of the Judicial Authority. These Offices activate when, as a result of a complaint, a minor enters the criminal circuit and accompany the minor throughout his re-inclusive path.

  • Portfolio

Target groups: IPM
Place/Facilities: inside  the IPM.
Main actions: Collect  the significant and essential documentation of the training and schooling of the minors, record  the observations of teachers, educators, volunteers who worked in the Institute and described the following courses, educational progress and results achieved.
Additional information: In addition to the portfolio, it’s been proceeded to the creation of a database containing sports associations, cultural associations, companies, to include the boys for a possible training / career path This database was send to the USSM.
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