Alternative Sociale Association

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Alternative Sociale Association

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Address: 24, Nicolina Road, Bl. 949, First floor
Phone: +40 332 407 178
Fax: +40 332 407 179


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LUCA  Catalin,  Executive Director


AAS works to defend and promote human rights through prevention, assistance, training, research and advocacy activities.

  • Collaboration Prevents Discrimination

Target group: public and private organizations, including not-for-profit organizations and NGOs, responsible for the organization and delivery of education and training at local, regional and national levels.
Place / Facilities: Iasi
Main actions: In many cases, ex-offenders face discrimination and have problems with their rehabilitation into society. In this context, many inmates return to prison, being deprived of the chance of a normal life in freedom. The project aims to develop an inter-institutional collaboration mechanism in Iasi county, to support the social reintegration of former prisoners, thus fighting the discrimination against former prisoners that are vulnerable to social and economic exclusion. To achieve it, an Icelandic partner transferred know-how on non-discrimination working with vulnerable groups. The project moreover organised trainings for specialists from relevant institutions that work with prisoners prior to their release, as well as former prisoners to ensure reintegration into the community. A support program to encourage former prisoners' reintegration in the community had also been developed and implemented. In addition, the project resulted in an inter-institutional manual on community reintegration of former prisoners.
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  • Interinstitutional collaboration agreement regarding the social reintegration of detainees of Iasi county

Target group: detainees, community representatives
Place / Facilities: Iasi
Main actions: Coordination and implementation of the institutional collaboration mechanism according to the attributions of the each partner; Participation to the implementation, evaluation and finalization of the social reintegration program for the detainees; Coordination of the community reintegration actions of the detainees from the Iasi Penitentiary; Providing access in the Iasi Penitentiary for the representatives of the partners institutions with the aim to implement the social reintegration program for the detainees; Referring detainees from Iasi county to the partners institutions; Facilitating the communication and managing the information between partners.
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