The National College of Romanian Social Workers Iasi

Name of the organization

The National College of Romanian Social Workers Iasi

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Phone: +40 748 124 585; +40 21 317 51 25  
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Contact person
Legal representative

NECULA Magdalena Roxana, President of College of Romanian Social Workers Iasi


The National College of Social Workers (CNASR) is the largest membership organization of professional social workers from Romania, with 5782 members. CNASR represents, defends and promotes the rights and interests of members locally, nationally and internationally, defends the honor, freedom and independence of professional social workers in the profession, ensure the fulfilling of the obligations that social workers have towards the beneficiaries, institutions and society, according to the professional ethics.

  • Interinstitutional collaboration agreement regarding the social reintegration of detainees of Iasi county

Target group: detainees, community representatives
Place / Facilities: Iasi
Main actions: Coordination and implementation of the institutional collaboration mechanism according to the attributions of the each partner; Participation to the implementation, evaluation and finalization of the social reintegration program for the detainees; Coordination of the community reintegration actions of the detainees from the Iasi Penitentiary; Providing access in the Iasi Penitentiary for the representatives of the partners institutions with the aim to implement the social reintegration program for the detainees; Referring detainees from Iasi county to the partners institutions; Facilitating the communication and managing the information between partners.
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