Ministry of Justice

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Ministry of Justice

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Address: Apolodor, Str., Nr.17, sector 5, Bucharest
Phone: +40 37 204 1999


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MIHĂILĂ  Ana,  head of Communication and Public Relations
Information: +40 37 204 1046


Ministry of Justice is a specialized body of central public administration, with legal entity, subordinated to the Government, which contributes to the good functioning of the justice system and providing conditions to the accomplishment of justice as a public service, protect the law and civil and human rights.

  • 20th COUNCIL OF EUROPE CONFERENCE OF DIRECTORS OF PRISON AND PROBATION SERVICES “Strategic Challenges for Prison and Probation Services”.

Target groups: General directors of the prison administration and probation services of the 47 Council of Europe member states or their high ranking representatives.
Place/Facilities: Bucharest, 9 – 10 June 2015
Main actions: The main aim of the Conference was to share information and experience how to manage prisons and probation services in times of economic crisis, cuts in staff and activities, whether and how opening prisons to outside agencies, private companies, civil society and the local communities could help prepare better prisoners for release without undermining safety and security. An important topic was also the radicalisation of detainees and the role of prison and probation services in dealing with this problem.
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  • PARTICIPATION IN THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “Prevention of radicalisation in the correctional systems – the exchange of good practices”

Target groups: Representatives of National Department of Probation.
Place/Facilities: 6-7 October 2015, Lilestrom, Norway
Main actions: During the conference were approached subjects as: the mechanisms used for detecting and preventing the radicalisation processes in the penitentiary and in the probation systems; the role of the penitentiary and the role of the probation services in the prevention of the radicalisation. Also, the Guidelines on the role prison and probation services can play in dealing with radicalisation and violent extremism were brought to the discussion.
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