Romanian Centre for Penitentiary Studies, West University of Timisoara (UVT)

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Romanian Centre for Penitentiary Studies, West University Timisoara (UVT)

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Dr. BĂLAN Ioan, Director CRSP, CRSP Research Coordinator


Romanian Centre for Penitentiary Studies, a division of the Institute for Social and Political Research, West University of Timisoara. CRSP’s mission is to encourage the exchange of ideas between practitioners, political decision-makers and academics about the imprisonment punishment and to ensure that policies respond to the requirements of carceral life. The Centre was constituted as a specialized organization able to accumulate experience and research expertise in the field of penitentiary studies, and develop highly specialized teaching and training programs. CRSP’s activities are centred around its main objectives namely research, formation and consulting, in the fields of competencies of the CRSP members. Other objectives include penitentiary policies suggestions and dissemination of research results.

  • Partner in the project RADICALISATION PREVENTION IN PRISONS (R2pris) 2015-1-PT01-KA204-013062

Target groups: Frontline staff
Place/Facilities: Bucharest, Timisoara
Main actions: Develop the tools and instruments for prison administration and line-level staff to recognize signs of radicalisation at an early stage within their specific facility; Provide common, consistent and effective instruments to help staff report their observations to the appropriate intelligence staff; Provide model procedures for intelligence staff to vet the data they receive from prison staff and to appropriately interpret it; Establish a series of training programs and tools for all staff within a prison to respond appropriately to potential vulnerable individuals at risk of radicalisation.
Additional information: Click here to know more about this intervention