UNIFI dipartimento scienze della formazione e psicologia


UNIFI - University of Florence, Department of Education and Psychology is the Coordinator Partner of PROVA representing the main responsible for the organization of the activities and of the good collaboration between Partners and EC. UNIFI is in charge of the management activities with the support of “UNIFI European and International Research Office” and all Partnership.

UNIFI ensures the interactions and collaboration of the academic community, spreading the PROVA project results. UNIFI may easily involve a great network of professionals, stakeholders, public authorities, Ombudsmen for the rights of detainees, and policy makers to disseminate the PROVA outputs.

The Project Team has 5 high qualified staff members with competence in Community Psychology, Qualitative and Quantitative Research methods and utilization of 2.0 tools.


aufBruch KUNST GEFÄNGNIS STADT was founded in 1997 and produces public arts and theatre projects in prisons and other public spaces in the city of Berlin. aufBruch now is working in Berlin's prisons such as Tegel, Plötzensee-Prison and Heidering. Performances, which are thematically connected to the "Inside" productions, are created once a year in spaces outside prison not normally used for theatre, mixing actors and ex-inmates. aufBruch creates workshops with inmates (theatre, music, writing, dance, film and video) focusing on cultural education and anti-violence training. aufBruch connects also artistic, political, social and biographic components in art projects ranging from theatre to exhibitions, installations, festivals and internet projects, like the very first interactive prisoners' website.

An important point in our work is the organisation of Events of cultural exchange and discussion like the KNASTFESTIVAL 2000 in Berlin, where we connected accomplices in the prison theatre movement from all over Europe to presents their work to a broader public.

aufBruch is a partner in various European projects and was involved in the development of accredited training programmes for delivering arts in prisons. We realised also abroad productions in prisons, especially in Russia and Chile.


LABCOM is a non-profit organization born in 2013 by the willing of a 10 community psychologists to apply academic competences in real community development. Its mission is to exploit the scientific tools of community psychology (participation) providing trainings, surveys and direct interventions. The exploitation of the bottom-up strategy within the evaluation procedures (participatory evaluation, which is one of the specific services of labcom) provides a better understanding of processes and it is now exploited in the most advanced projects of community development.

In the PROVA project LabCom will lead the quality plan and the evaluation guaranteeing the involvement of the representatives of the stakeholder in the evaluation process and managing a shared collective decision making on success indicators and a collective action strategy about data collection.


Psiterra is a professional NGO operating in various activities of applied psychology which it promotes at local, regional and national level. Psiterra has expertise in quality, professional, and interdisciplinary applications in social, medical, educational and community partnering with major local, regional and respective national organizations to reach the shared aims. Psiterra has experience with Grundtvig, Progress, SEE, and local Municipality funded projects. In the last 10 years psychologists, educators, physicians and social workers affiliated and collaborating with Psiterra promote narrative approaches and narrative therapy in Romania.

Universitat de Barcelona


UB - Universitat de Barcelona,  Department of Social Psychology and Quantitative Psychology
Since it was founded in 1450, the University of Barcelona has been a leading centre of education, science and critical thought. The Social Psychology and Quantitative Psychology Department (SP&QP Department) will contribute to PROVA project as a member of the Observatory of the Penal System and Human Rights (OSPDH) at the University of Barcelona.

OSPDH includes teachers, students, graduates, postgraduates and professionals by means of research, teaching and observing the institutions of the criminal justice system work culture of human rights, defending the rights and liberties of the people and strengthen the principles and values of the democratic state.

Fundaciò Bosch I Gimpera joined as a new partner in the PROVA Project consortium carrying out the administrative and financial management of the Universitat de Barcelona.



Giovanni Michelucci Foundation was established in 1982 by the architect Giovanni Michelucci, to "contribute to research and study on city planning and modern and contemporary architecture, with a special attention to the problems regarding social facilities, hospitals, prisons, and schools”. The FGM is today a relevant actor in research and planning on social habitat and on the relationship between space and society, coordinating researches and developing proposals to innovate the local policies on the most relevant urban problems such as migration, housing exclusion, suburbs, urban security, health. FGM has promoted studies and research into the composition and changing trends of the penitentiary population; on the types and conditions of prison facilities; on re-education activities promoted in individual establishments (scholastic, university, professional training, artistic, cultural, recreational and sporting and employment reinsertion); on the role of co-operation of local bodies; on particular types of inmates; foreigners, addicts, mentally ill.


Centro di Giustizia Minorile di Firenze

National Public body - Florence, Italy. Key element in order to reach professionals coming from juvenile justice system and minors or young-adults undergoing criminal proceedings, in detention, in alternative measure or in probation. Support in Dissemination (WP8) and Exploitation of results (WP9).

Jugendstrafanstalt Berlin

Local Public body - Berlin, Germany. Key element in order to reach professionals coming from juvenile justice system and minors or young-adults undergoing criminal proceedings, in detention, in alternative measure or in probation. Place of demonstration of PROVA best practices. Support in Dissemination (WP8) and Exploitation of results (WP9).

“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi

Higher education institution (tertiary level) - Iasi, Romania. Support and supervisor in research activities (WP1, WP3, WP4). Key element in order to reach the university students (WP4). Support and supervisor in the production of Guidelines (WP5). Support in Dissemination (WP8) and Exploitation of results (WP9)

Observatory of the Penal System and Human Rights

Research Institute/Centre - Barcelona, Spain. Collaboration in Research, Training actions and production of Guidelines (WP1, WP3, WP5). Support in Dissemination (WP8) and Exploitation of results (WP9).