Ovidiu Gavrilovici

Project Manager of PROVA project

Ph.D. is associate professor in psychology at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania, teaching Psychological counseling, Narrative therapy, and Intergenerational therapy in BA and MA programs. He is a senior therapist in Ericksonian and Systemic Therapy and a promoter in Romania of Narrative Therapy via the professional association, Psiterra, that he leads.

Aliona Dronic

Researcher of PROVA project 

MA, she is a psychologist with dual training in Family and Couple Systemic Therapy and in Narrative Therapy. She has experience as assistant manager, programs director and psychologist in several European and local projects in Psiterra Association. In the PROVA project she will assure the implementation of research activities and the coordination of the training for professionals and workshops addressed to minors under detention and the other to minors charged with criminal proceedings.

Dorina Bilea

Administrative Responsible of PROVA project

She is an experienced professional in the financial administration field. Since 2005 she is working in many European, national and local projects. In the PROVA project as an Administrative Responsible she will be involved in the management activity and will coordinate the administrative and financial tasks.

Isabelle Cristina Bulai

Intern Volunteer Researcher of PROVA project

MA, she is a clinical psychologist working with kids from dysfunctional families in rural areas of Iaşi, studies Integrative Psychotherapy and Narrative Therapy; she is also interested in rehabilitative programs for disadvantaged people and qualitative research. As an Intern Volunteer Researcher in Prova project she will work within the documentation activities and participate in the actions that the project proposes for the target groups.

Georgeta Suhani

Intern Volunteer Researcher of PROVA project

Graduated the Master program in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi. The project, beyond the interesting and challenging topic, is a great opportunity for knowledge-sharing, working with various highly skilled professionals, and making a difference in a very important applied psychological field. In the Prova project she will have the role of an Intern Volunteer Researcher.

Roxana Morariu

Intern Volunteer Researcher of PROVA project

She studies Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences in Iasi. She has experience in the organization of public events, and with translation from English into Romanian language. In the Prova project as an Intern Volunteer Researcher she will offer her skills in conducting desk research, improving databases and translating the documents from Romanian to English.

Sandra Livadaru

Intern Volunteer Researcher of PROVA project

She is a high school student, volunteering at Psiterra Association; she is getting ready for studying psychology, being a responsible, rational, ambitious and perseverant young person. She is avid to get to explore and understand people. She is able to contribute to the various activities she is involved with readiness, curiosity, energy and an ethical attitude as an Intern Volunteer Researcher.