The Outcomes of the Prova Project are


Common Grid collecting all the European organizations involved in the prevention about violent radicalizations of minors and young adults undergoing criminal proceedings

  • MAPS

Map – for each Partner Country – of stakeholders and professionals working in local contexts


Methodological Plan that – according to observed good practices – allows the systematization of preventive and contrasting interventions against violent radicalization


Report related to outcomes from the three focus groups carried out in each Partner Country (wp1)

Final report – for each involved Country – concerning the outcomes of the professionals’ trainings (wp3)

a final document – for each involved Country – concerning citizens’ workshops outcomes, including Guidelines for (re)planning urban spaces, including juvenile detention institutions, where more risks appear (wp3)

a final report – for each involved Country – concerning the outcomes of the participatory workshops, including the related preliminary projects for the transformation of prison and/or urban spaces (wp4);

a report – for each involved Country – concerning the critical reading of the workshops developed by professionals and students involved in the supervision (wp4)


To ensure the active involvement of young people whom the project is targeted, specific tools will be created which will enhance the actions of awareness described above. Young people will be involved in the realization of multimedia materials to convey the message that the closure behind radicalisation is never the right answer.


Communal document containing the “Guidelines for the reproducibility of experience for the transformation of urban spaces at risk of violent radicalization for minors involved in criminal proceedings”.

This document will be a relevant outcome of the Project work and will provide the key elements for planning and sustaining participatory activities and training, addressed to prosecuted minors and young adults, stakeholders and professionals.

“Guidelines” may be a reference for future prevention and contrast to violent radicalization.