Page dedicated to the reports of the main Work Packages of the Project


The activities of PROVA PROJECT WP1 are aimed at increase the understanding of violent radicalization and activated responses in Europe, involving stakeholders and social actors, and also at building systems of preventive and contrasting interventions.

The expected results are:

– The increasing of knowledge about European studies on violent radicalization with measures and good practices to prevent and contrast this social issue for minors and young adults;

– The mapping of territorial professionals involved in juvenile justice system and stakeholders committed in social and integration policies, to explore and understand how professionals deal with the radicalization and which measures they use to carry out;

– Detection of existing good practices while sharing interventions between professionals.

In particular, each partner country carried out at least three focus groups aimed at allowing a meeting among the involved (and previously mapped) social actors, for analyzing phenomena related to radicalization, their importance and main features, the effectiveness of provided responses and interventions in the reference area, and the existing good practices. All these elements were studied using semi-structured focus groups and interviews with professionals coming from juvenile justice system, professionals who plan and develop local interventions for prevention marginalization and promotion of social integration, and stakeholders.

The WP1 report collects all the results of the focus groups managed by each partner Country (Italy, Germany, Romania and Spain-Catalonia) and the following common suggestions came out from their analysis.

Download HERE the abstract of the report regarding the focus groups carried out in WP1

WP3 A3.1
TRAINING for professionals

The activity A3.1 of PROVA PROJECT WP3 is aimed at improving knowledge and competences of participants about radicalisation, the team-building capabilities, the empowering activities, and the skills in planning interventions for preventing and mediating conflicts for minors and young adults under criminal proceedings.

The expected results were:
– increasing and consolidating knowledge and skills of the professionals;
– increasing the collaboration and the empowerment of the professionals;
– preventing the risk of forms of radicalisation through a new way to use urban spaces for fostering youth aggregations.

Duration (all the countries): from October 2017 until February 2018 (except for Germany from August 2017 to October 2017)
No. of participants (all the countries): from 24 to 39, including educators, social workers, psychologists, sociologists and other professionals coming from Juvenile Justice Services, from NGOs, from educational institutions, and volunteers. In Germany – due to the specific characteristics of the partner – there were also actors, artists, drama educators, street workers, translator (Refugee Service Organisation), and other specific technical professionals
No. of meetings (all the countries): 12 – 16 meetings (in Germany 20), merged in 6-8 thematic sessions
Average no. participants/meeting (all the countries): from10 to 24 participants for each session.

Download HERE the collective report regarding the TRAINING FOR PROFESSIONALS carried out in WP3

Report WP3 A3.2.


The activity A3.2 of PROVA PROJECT WP3 was aimed at having impact on the local policies, particularly on the organisation of urban areas that are at risk of marginalisation, through a participatory process of re-imagination of these spaces.
The participatory meetings with stakeholders focused on a reflection about the rising of different forms of violent radicalisation in risky urban area, in order to develop possible prevention and de- radicalisation actions.

The expected results were:
– increasing the participation of policy makers, local authorities and representatives in contrasting

violent radicalisation of young people;
– increasing the awareness about the importance of revitalizing urban spaces for a suitable

collective use;
– increasing the competence to work in synergy with all local social actors.


Duration (all the countries): from February 2018 until May 2018 (except for Germany, which scheduled all meetings on October 2017).
No. of participants attending the meetings (all the countries): Italy: 311; Romania: 36; Spain- Catalunya: 29; Germany: 24 Professionals, 70 Stakeholders/audience2. Stakeholders involved were: minors’ supervising judges, directors of Prisoners’ Treatment Office, assistant coordinators of prison officers, representatives of the university facility for students in detention, representatives of Restorative Justice Office, educators/teachers/social workers (working with Juvenile Justice System), psychologist–psychotherapists, pedagogical coordinators, ombudsmen, municipal councillors, presidents of association and cooperatives, managers of social cooperatives, managers of the immigration office, directors of the Department of Educational System, heads office of Juvenile Justice System, school counsellors, university and high school professors, heads of departments, sociologists, inspectors, stakeholders coming from: the Senate Department for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-discrimination, the Senate Department for Education and the Senate Department fur Culture and Europe.
No. of meetings (all the countries): Three participatory meetings (except for Germany, which organised 10 interactive presentations of the results of the WP3 Training with open discussions with stakeholders and public audience).
Average no. participants/meeting (all the countries): from 10 to 25 per meeting (for Germany, 70 stakeholders/public audience).

Download HERE the collective report regarding the PARTICIPATORY MEETINGS WITH STAKEHOLDERS carried out in WP3

Report WP4 – A4.1
WORKSHOPS for minors and young adults under criminal proceedings

WP4 - A4_1


The first activity of PROVA Project WP4 was aimed at carrying out a peer experience, based on positive relationships and intercultural dialogue, among minors/young adults under criminal proceedings and university students, by means of re-imagining public spaces in the town, including those in the Juvenile Prisons, to make them more suitable for living together and less exposed to conflicts and violent radicalization.

Who and When

Duration of the workshops (all the countries): from June 2017 to June 2018
No. of meetings: 8 meetings for each workshop (in Germany 20 meetings)
No. of participants attending workshops: 26 minors/young adults (Italy), 30 (Romania), 22 (Spain- Catalunya), 65 (Germany); and 7 university students and/or volunteers (Italy), 18 (Romania), 5 in Spain – Catalunya).
Average no./session (all the countries): from 8 to 17 participants per session.

Download HERE the collective report regarding the WORKSHOPS for minors and young adults under criminal proceedings carried out in WP4

Report WP4 – A4.2

The second activity of PROVA Project WP4 (A4.2) concerned the tutoring and supervision of workshops carried out with minors/young adults. The supervision was aimed at promoting a critical reflection about the workshops, which were implemented both in Juvenile Prisons and with minors at risk (i.e. in external facilities, or on probation), to prevent violent radicalisation through the re-imagination of spaces.


Duration of the supervision sessions (all the countries): from July 2017 to June 2018
No. of meetings (all the countries): from 3 to 12 meetings
No. of participants attending supervision sessions: 29 (Italy); 35 (Romania); 7 (Spain – Catalunya); 56 (Germany), including: educators, social workers and other professionals coming from the Juvenile Justice Services, from NGOs, stakeholders, university students and volunteers involved in the implementation of the workshop. In Germany, artists were also engaged
Average no./session (all the countries): from 6 to 10 participants per session.

Download HERE the collective report regarding the SUPERVISION OF MINORS’ WORKSHOPS carried out in WP4