Platform for the prevention of violent radicalisation

Tackling terrorism and violent radicalisation has been a top priority for European Union (EU) ever since the 9/11 attacks and the Madrid and London bombings in 2004 and 2005 respectively. While the EU Member States were initially almost exclusively concerned with Islamist radicalisation, more recently, their perspective on the threat posed by radicalisation has come to also focus again on the more traditional ones coming from the right- and left-wing extremists as well as nationalist-separatists.

The PLATFORM FOR PREVENTION OF VIOLENT RADICALISATION has been created and developed in the frame of Work Package 9 of the Erasmus+ European funded PROVA Project since in 2016 to offer an open place where collect and disseminate best practices within interventions preventing violent radicalisation and promoting democratic values, fundamental rights, intercultural understanding, and active citizenship.

The platform is based on a simple and straightforward structure made up of five sections: 

  1. About: an introduction to the Platform and its aims.
  2. Projects: the listing of organisations and projects in European countries active in the sector of prevention of violent radicalisation and counterterrorism. Through an interactive map, it is possible to search specific projects or organisations by country. It serves for better networking and information exchange among European countries. 
  3. EU Networks: A selection of already existing European networks in the field of radicalisation and violence prevention promoted, funded and supported by the European Union.
  4. Get involved: The goal of the platform is to provide the widest possible range of contacts and information on organizations, associations and projects in the context of radicalisation prevention. In order to strengthen and improve the network, all the organizations active in the field and interested in joining the network can submit their proposals through a form. After the approval from the scientific committee of the PROVA Project, they will be listed in dedicated pages.
  5. Materials: here are available studies, analyses, reports as well as manuals and best practice instructions on various topics in the area of prevention of violent radicalisation.