In the PROVA project LabCom will lead the quality plan and the evaluation guaranteeing the involvement of the representatives of the stakeholder in the evaluation process and managing a shared collective decision making on success indicators and a collective action strategy about data collection.

Fausto Petrini

Participatory Evaluation Strategy Manager

Ph.D. in Psychology, he is an expert in group management and participatory activities. He is contract Professor in the Academic School of Psychology of the Florence University, teaching “Applications in social, work and organization psychology”. Within the European Project “OUTinOUT” (JUST/2012/JPEN/AG/2936) he managed the building of a cross network of workers in the public administration of the juvenile justice system. In the PROVA project he will manage the participatory evaluating strategy.

Carlo Volpi


Carlo Volpi is member of the Scientific Board of LabCom, he is an expert of Organisational Change and Human Capital Development with more than 30 Years of experience in Hi Tech Corporates, International Cooperation Programs, SME’s and no-profit organizations. He developed an original approach to intercultural conflict management and people participation in the change process.

Camillo Donati

Researcher and administrative responsible

Camillo Donati, psychologist with a master thesis on social and political participation of young adults. Works with the Department of Education and Psychology on several research activities related to Community Psychology, Social groups and Virtual Environments. Had an internship experience with the National Louis University in Chicago, specializing in Community Organizing and Participatory processes. He also works in the field of Career Service and Job Placement for youth. From 2014 he’s also a member of LabCom’s staff where he’s responsible of the accounting office and related organizational activities as well as participating as a psychologist in designing and implementing projects in the field of Community Psychology.

Moira Chiodini


Moira Chiodini is a psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in Brief Strategic Therapy at  School of Specialisation at the Centro di Terapia Strategica (CTS) of Arezzo, founded by Paul Watzlawick and Giorgio Nardone.  Currently she is a senior collaborator at CTS  where she is directly involved in research, clinical practice and training. She also carries out private practice in Florence like official therapist of Centro di Terapia Strategica. Chiodini is member and co-founder of “LabCom ricerca azione per il benessere psicosociale” spin-off of University Florence. In LabCom she is directly involved in training and intervention’s projects aimed to promote psyco-social well-being, empowerment and  resilience.

Laura Remaschi


Laura Remaschi accomplished her Ph.D. degree with a dissertation about the involvement of young people by means of the Photovoice qualitative methodology within a wider action-research project. She is expert in techniques of group management and participative activation strategies. Since 2001, she collaborates with community psychology staff of Educational and psychology of University of Florence (with the supervision of Prof. P. Meringolo) for develop action-research on community empowerment, sense o community, wellbeing promotion. Some of main prject are: “ Community safe basis, conduction of a participating action-research on welcome and integration of abroad minors in secondary school”, action-research promoted by the Psychology Department of the University of Florence, and OUTinOUT project,(JUST/2012/JPEN/AG/2936). Since 2003 she is psychological consultant in public high school in Florence and Prato. She is also a psychotherapist on Person Centred Approach.  She has experience in personal and group facilitation especially with adolescent, their parents and high school teachers. She is the President of the academic spin-off LabCom which has the main mission in challenging social injustice and promoting empowerment and wellbeing in the community.